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Welcome to Mindful Shiatsu Andreas Maurer

Your health insurance recognized complementary and Shiatsu therapist. Make an appointment for Zug on 079 214 85 37 or book online. Customers in Seengen can book on 062 777 07 57
I look forward to seeing you.

Über Shiatsu

What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu brings you into your center and in contact with yourself.

Shiatsu is an approximately 100-year-old holistic form of therapy and comes from the land of the rising sun, Japan. Shiatsu gets to the bottom of complaints, promotes the healing process and strengthens self-regulation. Shiatsu has its origins in a centuries-old Japanese form of massage and traditional Chinese medicine. Today it also includes Western concepts of health promotion and resource strengthening.


At the center of Shiatsu is mindful, deep touch. The touches can be carried out with the whole hand, the thumbs, elbows or knees; they can be large or selective, gentle or strong. We work with acupressure points (“Tsubos” in Japanese) and/or with the Far Eastern meridian system (human energy system). Shiatsu also includes breathing exercises, light body stretches and various techniques for general relaxation and stress management.


In Switzerland, Shiatsu is one of the recognized methods of complementary therapy. As part of supplementary insurance, most health insurance companies cover most of the treatment costs. Please contact your health insurance provider to find out how the costs will be covered. You don't need a doctor's note.

Was ist Shiatsu
Wobe Shiatsu hilft

What Shiatsu helps with

Shiatsu offers a wide range of possible applications, for example for:

For mental stress such as:

  • Tiredness or listlessness

  • Burnout and depression

  • traumas

  • states of anxiety

  • Nervousness and difficulty concentrating

  • Sleep disorders

  • Stressful life circumstances

  • Desire to have children

  • Long Covid

    For physical complaints such as:

  • Muscular tension

  • aches and pains

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Gastrointestinal complaints and digestive problems

  • Menstrual and cycle problems

  • Accidents and rehabilitation

Unlike other massage techniques, Shiatsu is performed on the clothed body.

The holistic approach to your issue or question also includes the psychological, mental and spiritual aspects. In this way, salutogenesis, i.e., inner resistance and health, is achieved. 


Therapy offer

The basis of my work is Shiatsu. I also offer the following methods:

About me

Andreas Maurer

CH_HR_Maurer-Andreas_Profile_3200x1800px_V1 (2).jpg

I have been interested in Far Eastern cultures since I was a child. This is how I first came into contact with traditional Chinese medicine. Later, I gained experience with Tai Chi, Qi Gong and yoga. During this time, in which I dealt intensively with these topics, I also came across the Shiatsu form of therapy. I was so impressed by the effects of Shiatsu that I decided to train as a "Complementary Therapist in the Shiatsu Method".


This training and working with my clients continues to fulfill me to this day. The wide range of possible applications is fascinating and challenging at the same time. Even during my training, I accompanied people with a wide variety of challenges, some of which were very serious. This work makes me realize how valuable health and life itself are.

My professional journey has taken me over 18 years in human resources (HR) through a wide range of industries such as consulting, financial services, the public sector and social security. This extensive experience has enabled me to gain a deep understanding of the diverse demands and challenges of working life.

Über mich
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Andreas Maurer Achtsames Shiatsu (1).jpg



Andreas guided me very sensitively through my issues. He has a wonderful quality of touch that varies according to mood and body part. I found it particularly impressive that he also guided me very well through female issues. Andreas created a relationship of trust and we were able to find harmonious ways for me to address these issues in the future.


I was able to experience several sessions and always found Andreas to be very competent, empathetic and calming. Each session was individual and I could see how my energy began to flow holistically again. I enjoyed the treatments and each one helped to give me a new quality of life. I can wholeheartedly recommend Andreas.


Shiatsu tariff

CHF 144 / 60 min.

If the treatment takes longer than one hour due to the content, the time will be charged accordingly.

CHF 165 / 75 min.

CHF 198 / 90 min.


Assumption of costs


Shiatsu is a recognized method of complementary therapy. Most health insurance companies cover most of the treatment costs as part of supplementary insurance. Ask your insurance company about the coverage of costs. You do not need a doctor's certificate.


The treatments are recognized by EMR, EGK and Visana.




If you are unable to attend, please let me know at least 24 hours before the appointment so that I do not have to charge you for the reserved time.

Shiatsu for burnout or lack of motivation

Shiatsu has a calming effect on the sympathetic nervous system, which is activated in stressful situations. Through the targeted stimulation of energy points, Shiatsu promotes a shift towards the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for calm, regeneration and balance. This regulation not only supports the relaxation of muscles and tissue, but also works on a deeper level by allowing the entire organism to calm down.

The holistic approach of Shiatsu encompasses body, mind and soul.

By promoting self-awareness during a Shiatsu session, you can better recognise and respond to your own needs. This increased self-awareness enables you to recognise your own limits, better manage stressors and become more resilient to life's challenges.

Experience a comprehensive harmony of body, mind and soul through Shiatsu.




We are looking forward to your contact!

Mindful Shiatsu

Unter Altstadt 7

6300 Zug

Thank you!

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