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1 Validity of the GTC 

The Business Owner, Andreas Maurer, hereinafter referred to as the Business Owner, provides his services exclusively on the basis of these GTC. These apply to all business activities between the Business Owner and the contractual partners, hereinafter referred to as the Client.


The GTC are deemed to be accepted with any appointment booking, whether by telephone, email, online or other channels such as WhatsApp/SMS. 


The Business Owner is entitled to amend or supplement these GTC at any time.


2 Appointments 

Agreed appointments (verbally, by telephone or online and by email, or other channels such as WhatsApp/SMS) between the business owner and the client are binding. 


The costs for agreed but unattended appointments will be charged unless they are canceled in person or by telephone at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations via electronic media are only considered accepted once they have been confirmed by the business owner. 


The treatment time includes the dressing and undressing of the client, the treatment and a short medical history interview. For the first treatment, the anamnesis interview takes a longer period of time. If the client is late, the treatment will be shortened by the corresponding amount of time. The therapy must be paid for in full. There is no entitlement to compensation. 


3. terms of payment 

The prices in CHF on the website apply. Prices are subject to change at any time. 


The bank transfer is made within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.


Vouchers will be sent by post or handed out directly after payment has been made. The shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.


4. entitlement to health insurance benefits 

The client is responsible for clarifying their entitlement to benefits with their health insurance company. Whether there is an entitlement via supplementary insurance can be determined by stating the ZSR number. 


As a rule, no referral from a doctor is necessary. 


The consultations cannot be billed via the basic insurance (KVG) but only via the supplementary insurance.


When purchasing vouchers and for redeemed vouchers, no reimbursement vouchers are issued for the health insurance company.

5. treatments & liability/limitations of liability 

An anamnesis (health questions) is taken during the initial treatment. The client is obliged to answer the questions truthfully. 


The client shall provide information about any changes in health at each subsequent treatment without being asked to do so. 


Treatments are carried out according to current and up-to-date knowledge, experience, methods and techniques. 


Treatments are carried out at the client's own risk. If, despite professional application, consequential damage occurs which is due to the fact that a client has concealed contraindications, the business owner is exempt from any liability. The same applies to damage caused by the fact that a contraindication was not known to the client and was not recognizable to the business owner. 


The treatments do not contain any promises of healing and are in no way a substitute for visits to the doctor. 


6. data protection regarding practice management & confidentiality 

Version from 01.09.2023


I, Andreas Maurer, Achtsames Shiatsu, Unter Altstadt 7, 6300 Zug, hereby confirm that I comply with the following rules in accordance with the Data Protection Act and Data Protection Ordinance:


The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you, the client, about my handling of your personal and sensitive data collected in my practice.


Only data that is related to the therapeutic treatment or that is relevant for information about any offers will be processed. This is exclusively data that I have collected with your consent, that you have sent me or that can be found in publicly accessible directories (telephone directory, etc.). This may include general personal data (name, address, telephone number, etc.), information about your health/the course of your illness, diagnoses already made and, if applicable, other data that you have provided to me as a result of your treatment (patient files).


This data is collected, stored and processed exclusively in your patient dossier or in the dossier required for administration, in particular in the software required for invoicing in accordance with tariff 590 (iTherapeut V5.5 and Medical Invoice). All processing steps carried out on your data, including the persons responsible, can be traced in these two storage locations. The data security of iTherapeut V5.5 and Medical Invoice complies with the Data Protection Act valid from 1.9.2023. I only pass on your personal data to persons or areas of my practice that need it to fulfill contractual and legal obligations. They have been informed of the applicable data protection regulations and are obliged to comply with them. 

I only pass on your personal data to people or areas of my practice who need it to fulfill contractual and legal obligations. They are informed about the applicable data protection regulations and are obliged to comply with them.

Your data or parts of it will only be made accessible to other people or institutions (insurers, etc.) with your explicit consent. Exceptions include court orders or the practice’s enforcement of legitimate claims.


If your data is physically collected and processed, it will be stored in a lockable room or cupboard that is not accessible to unauthorized third parties. Data collected electronically is stored securely (firewall, password, etc.).


Unless cantonal or other legal regulations stipulate otherwise, the data I have collected will be deleted twenty years after your last consultation in our practice.

Written communication between my practice and you is encrypted using a standard program or – with your written consent – unencrypted. Invoicing is processed in paper form or by email. The appointment can be made unencrypted with your consent to the terms and conditions by email, SMS or WhatsApp.

As a current or former client, you can request from me at any time a duplicate of all of the data I have collected in a common electronic format. Only physically existing data will be scanned for this purpose and sent to you as a PDF or in paper form. The data is usually provided to you free of charge and within a maximum of 30 days.


The therapist is responsible for all questions relating to the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights:

Andreas Maurer, Mindful Shiatsu, Unter Altstadt 7, 6300 Zug.

Tel.: 079 214 85 37

7. Final provisions

Swiss law applies. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all differences arising from these terms and conditions is Zug.

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