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Scar interference suppression

Scar interference suppression: harmony for the body and energy flow

As a shiatsu and complementary therapist, I am not only dedicated to the treatment of current complaints, but also to the holistic care of your health. One of my specialised services is Scar interference suppression, a gentle and effective method of restoring balance to the body and energy flow.


Why is scar interference suppression important?

Scars can be more than just visible marks on the skin - they can affect the flow of energy in the body. Scar interference suppression focuses on clearing possible blockages and disturbances in the tissue that can be caused by scars. This enables better energy circulation and helps the body to regulate itself.


How does scar interference suppression work in my practice?

Scar interference suppression is carried out using gentle touch and targeted energy work. Special tools are used to harmonise the scar on an energetic level. This helps to alleviate any disturbances in the meridian system and optimise the flow of energy in the body.


Advantages of scar interference suppression:

Pain relief: scar decongestion can reduce pain associated with scar tissue.

Improved mobility: Scars can impair mobility. Scar removal promotes flexibility and mobility.

Harmonisation of the energy flow: By focusing on the energetic level, scar decongestion supports the harmonious flow of vital energy throughout the body.

Holistic health promotion: The treatment of scars is an integral part of my holistic therapy. It helps to improve well-being on all levels - physical, mental and energetic.

Personalised care for your well-being: Every scar and every person is unique. In my practice, I offer personalised care that is tailored to your specific needs. Together we work to minimise the effects of scars and promote your inner balance.


Discover the healing power of scar relief and let me guide you on your path to greater harmony, mobility and health. Make an appointment today and experience how this special service can positively influence your quality of life.



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