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Vanessa: Body journeys with Andreas

Trust - For me, trust is the greatest challenge on a body journey. Trusting that everything that appears before the inner eye is correct and the certainty that the therapeutic guide can provide a safe space for this journey.

With his unique combination of Shiatsu and body journeys, Andreas gave me access to long-suppressed issues. In our hectic world, the mind tends to evaluate and judge everything immediately. But on this journey into the subconscious, which Andreas sensitively accompanies, everything is allowed to be exactly as it is - as it always was before it was repressed and forgotten.


The journey into the subconscious with Andreas is a journey towards self-acceptance and self-love. Every step feels like coming home. 


 Thank you for this, Andreas!

Body journeys

Welcome to body journeys: A journey to inner encounter and self-development

As an experienced Shiatsu therapist, I invite you to discover the transformative world of body journeys - a unique method that enables you to access your subconscious, process repressed feelings and experience profound inner change.


What are body journeys?

Body journeys are more than a therapy - they are a journey to your innermost self. Body journeys are a fascinating form of hypnosis that aims to create a deep state of relaxation and open the mind. Inspired by the innovative approaches of Milton Erickson and M. Knorr, I use these techniques to guide you on an inner journey. In a relaxed state, you will explore your inner resources to promote change on an emotional, mental and even physical level.


How do body journeys work?

During a body journey, you are guided into a state of deep relaxation. In this relaxed atmosphere, gentle touch, breathing techniques and hypnotic elements are combined to open up access to your subconscious. This allows you to explore and gently process repressed feelings, experiences or unconscious patterns.


The benefits of body journeys:

Processing repressed feelings: body journeys offer a safe space to recognise, accept and process repressed feelings or experiences.


Deep relaxation and stress reduction: The therapeutic combination of Shiatsu and hypnosis promotes deep relaxation, which can reduce stress and alleviate physical and mental tension.


Promotion of self-development: Body journeys enable you to get in touch with your inner resources, deepen your self-awareness and pave the way for personal fulfilment.


Holistic therapy: The integration of Shiatsu and hypnosis creates a holistic approach that connects body, mind and soul and supports comprehensive processing and transformation.


Personalised support for your journey: Every body journey is unique, just like you are. In my practice, I offer individualised support and tailored body journeys that are tailored to your personal needs and goals.


Discover the transformative power of body journeys: Ready for a journey to inner encounter and self-development? Contact me for more information or to make an appointment. I look forward to accompanying you on this special journey and helping you to discover and develop your inner potential.

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