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What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu brings you into your center and in contact with yourself.

Shiatsu is an approximately 100-year-old holistic form of therapy and comes from the land of the rising sun, Japan. Shiatsu gets to the bottom of complaints, promotes the healing process and strengthens self-regulation. Shiatsu has its origins in a centuries-old Japanese form of massage and traditional Chinese medicine. Today it also includes Western concepts of health promotion and resource strengthening.


At the center of Shiatsu is mindful, deep touch. The touches can be carried out with the whole hand, the thumbs, elbows or knees; they can be large or selective, gentle or strong. We work with acupressure points (“Tsubos” in Japanese) and/or with the Far Eastern meridian system (human energy system). Shiatsu also includes breathing exercises, light body stretches and various techniques for general relaxation and stress management.


In Switzerland, Shiatsu is one of the recognized methods of complementary therapy. As part of supplementary insurance, most health insurance companies cover most of the treatment costs. Please contact your health insurance provider to find out how the costs will be covered. You don't need a doctor's note.

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